Top 7 Slow Motion Video Recording Apps For Android Users

Slow motion videos do not seem to be simply restricted to high-end video cameras anymore, you will simply get this feature on your smartphone. If you are using an android phone and looking to give your videos a slow motion touch, then you will feel happy to know that there are many Android apps that will allow you to create slow motion videos.

Why you like to create slow motion videos, you ask? Slow motion can make any video fun to observe. Try making a video of yourself talking and then slow it down, provides, therefore, you will see how interesting it gets.

Most of the slow motion video apps also provide fast motion features, adding more creative thinking to your videos. Here we are going to list the 7  best slow motion video apps for Android.

1) Slow Motion Video FX:

Slow Motion Video FX may be the fully featured app created just for creating or recording slow or fast motion videos.The app is very easy to use and you will be able to both record a new video and make it slow/fast motion video or you can make an already recorded video slow/fast. All you would like to do is select the video and set how much slow/fast it will be.

You can also additionally cut a specific part of a video to only slow/fast that specific part of the video.The creating process may take some time depending on video size and quality. You will be able to share the video from the app to your social networks for friends to see.

2)  SloPro:

SloPro is a great app. SloPro is interesting as a result it allows you to create a video slow or fast in real-time. You simply have to play the video and begin choosing the speed of your option to create a part of video slow/fast. You also able to share the video over the social media networks.

3) Fast & Slow motion video tool:

Once you launch the app, all videos on your phone are going to be displayed in the main interface.Simply choose the video that you want to update and you will be asked to define the area which you want to get slow/fast. The whole video will be prepared, you also have the option to trim it if you like. Simply provide the speed and tap on “OK” to begin the process. The app will take some time to create the video, and you can review it later.

4) KMPlayer:

KM playerIt is a video player app that supports high definition with a good controlling feature. It offers several formats. While the playing the video, you will be able to increase or decrease the rate of the video by touching on “+” and “-” buttons on the right of the screen. It doesn’t provide any sharing or saving feature, therefore it is not best for making a slow/fast video.

5) Videoshop:

VideoShop provides tons of editing features, and you will be able to edit the video in real time. It offers real-time editing, so you can easily create the video slow or fast by using a flat slider and view the effects in real-time. You can also share the video through social media networks Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Few of the editing features are, annotations, sound effects, Trim, resize, reverse and adjust the display, etc.

6) Video Dieter 2:

The app is for changing the resolution of the video to extend or decrease the size of the video to make it easy to store. It can compress the video without losing quality. This should be your selection of an app if you would like the compressed videos that take less space and allows you slow or fast that video including all required features.

7)  Hudl technique:

This app is designed for sports and athletes. This app helps sports people to slow down a video and see how an athlete is performing. You will be able to comment at any time of a video and share the video with other men. You also able to record a new video or import an already recorded video from your mobile. You can also additionally zoom into any specific area and make teams right within the app for training and managing videos.


Author: VTTstaff

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