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We have become less and less dependent on mobile networks. You can get a data signal almost everyplace that you just can get a mobile signal and many of us are around WiFi most of the time anyway. Technology has progressed to the point where we are able to talk now over the Internet almost as easily as we can talk on the phone.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  This is a method of multimedia and voice communication through an IP like internet. VoIP services are still offered with corresponding fees. But today, there are already several companies that are offering free-of-charge VoIP services. Here are 10 best VoIP apps that you have know about.Here we have compiled best phones below 30000 on which you can easily this app easily and get best performance.

Best Android VoIP Apps 2017

1) Tango:

Tango is becoming an industry leader in VoIP. Tango permits users to make free calls on a 3G, 4G data and wireless internet network. The interface is simple to use and the service is always connected, even when you close the application also.

2) Google Voice:

Google Voice is a best VoIP application for the business users and private consumers also. You can simply send text messages or call other Google Voice users over the world for free.

Google Voice, is like the rest of Google’s applications,  that is integrated along with your Google account, letting you to simply share important information along with your friends and family and also to your business partners.

3) Fring:

Fring is a new VoIP app that allows users to make friends lists and chat with multiple people at the similar time.This app is free to download and might be used when connected to a 3G, 4G or wireless network.

4) Viber:

Because of its good call quality, Viber is the  excellent VoIP app for individuals who wanted  to upgrade from an app that only offers mediocre call quality.

The good thing about Viber is that it runs within the background and also maintains minimal battery usage, so you will know when someone is trying to contact you when you are busy using another application.

5) Groove IP:

It is like Skype in this you can make a call or text people as long as the other person also has GrooVe IP, However you need to either purchase or earn credits to call to the actual phone numbers.

GrooVe IP provides you with some free credits every month. The call quality is good as long as your internet connection holds out. It is a free app that is supported by advertisements or you can buy it and remove the advertisements.

6) Kakao Talk:

KakaoTalk is used as a chat service and it also includes calling functionality. The service is clear and gaining popularity for years over 150 million active users. You can call people for chats and you can do the conference calls also. It also supports the Android users, you can also use voice filters if you want to have a fun.

7) MagicApp Calling and Messaging:

This is one of the first big companies to do VoIP and SIP calling was magicJack on computers. They have a mobile app know as magicApp. It is a calling and texting service and this will allow you to call landlines. You can make unlimited calls to the US,Canada, and etc.You can also make unlimited texts to any of the US phone number.

8) Skype:

Skype is a favorite for those who are looking for a VoIP and SIP services. You can make messages, calls, or video chat with everyone with a Skype account for free. You can get credits that will permits you to call landlines. You can also chat with groups with up to 300 people.

9) WiCall:

WiCall could be a cheaper alternative to most of the major VoIP applications. This app don’t need an internet connection to calls or send texts and works simply  as an affordable prepaid calling plan without having any long term contracts.

If you are short on money however still requires a reliable way to contact your family, WiCall is the best one to go with.

10) Zoiper IAX VOIP and SIP  SoftPhone:

Zoiper is unique among one of the few VOIP and SIP apps which focuses simple on voice calls. It includes Bluetooth support, the ability to make good calls over lesser Internet network also,it  supports for a variety of other protocols.You can also able to do video calling, and also better audio.

Hope the list of best Android VoIP Apps 2017 List has given you insight.Here on this blog we have covered many apps related topics like personal assistant app for android , BarCode Scanner App for iPhone and many more..Just have a look at them.

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