Top 10 Best Free Parental control Apps Android

Kids are very much precious to the parents. Every parent wishes to nurture his/ her children in a healthy manner. But in this smart device, there are several things which are good and many things which cause harmful. There are many applications available in the mobile app stores for smart devices. Some of them are excellent for the kids and some of them are destructive. Therefore parents have to take care about the kid’s usage of those apps. Interestingly there are other apps available in the app store that provide a strong control over those smartPhones to the parents. By using those apps the parents can restrict the usage of the devices of the kids.Now a days its very common to buy android phones of various price ranges and high end features.Most of the people are looking for Android phones under Rs 30k on various platforms like Flipkart and amazon.Parents has to lock down their phone from their children.

Top 10 Parental Control Apps for Android 2017

1) Net Nanny:

Net Nanny was one of the good app at filtering Web content. Net Nanny blocks the inappropriate sites and pictures and offers you the option of warning your child about a site’s content rather than blocking it completely. You can temporarily unblock an app for a particular period of time.

2) Funamo Parental Control:

The Funamo Parental Control app permits you to not only monitor devices however additionally filter internet websites. Contacts, calls, SMS, websites, applications will be automatically logged and history information is uploaded to the Funamo server every day.

3) Kids Place – Parental Control:

You need to set a pin when you are the first log into Kids Place that is then also needed to exit the app, but when you once logged in, it will protect your personal information and prohibit your kid to only use apps approved by yourself.

Kids Place will also make sure your kids can’t able to do anything on your device that will cost you money, like making phone calls, texting or downloading the new apps. In addition, you can also block incoming calls when this app is running.

4) AppLock:

It will let you lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook and another app to protect your data. You can control photos and video access, by setting selected pictures to invisible from your photo gallery.

AppLock also permits you to lock your settings and Google Play so you won’t have to worry about your kid that accessing new apps or changing your settings.

5) Screen Time Parental Control:

Screen Time is one of the best a parental control app. It will allow you to monitor and manage the time spent on devices and permits you to set time limits on chosen apps. The app itself runs in the background.

6) Qustodio:

Qustodio is simple to set up and manage filters for multiple users. The service actually shines with its ability by setting time limits for the individual apps. It is simple to monitor texts from Qustodio’s, and you can also block the texters and callers directly from the screen wherever you review text and call logs.

7) MM Guardian Parental Control:

The MM Guardian Parental Control app permits you to block the incoming calls as well as texts,  and also monitor alarming texts. It also even allows you to locate and lock your kid’s phone using a text message, and set time restrictions to limit their use. You can get a daily report on your kid’s phone usage, therefore if their bill is so high, you can find out why and it will also let you set restrictions on the websites they are accessing.

 8) Norton Family parental control:

This is one of the best app to trace your kids’ online activities. You can also trace which websites your kids had visited. You can block the particular websites so that the kids cannot visit the website again. An e-mail service will give you notice whenever your kid tries to visit a website that he/ she must not visit.

9) Kaspersky Parental Control:

This app will offer a controlled over browsing so that the kids cannot visit the website that is a harmful example: drug, violence etc. The other feature of this app is, this app will also let a user block the harmful apps.

10) Android Parental Control:

This app is to manage and prohibit the selected apps and it is developed by Smart App Cloud. This app will filter the selected apps so the kids cannot use them without parents’ permission. It also has some other features like; this app can install an app from wherever it was stopped if the device gets rebooted. It also additionally protects the unauthorized uninstallation of an app.

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