How to Recover Data from a Soft-Bricked Android Smartphone?

Bricking an Android device is a common issue which will occur while you are trying to go beyond the boundaries on it and something that unfortunately happens, it will definitely result either in Soft-bricking your Android device or some similar problems will occur. Whereas few of you may not be even aware of with what is a soft-bricked Android device, to make it easier, let us have a look on what it actually is.

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What is meant by Soft-Bricked Android Smartphone?

Your phone may stop working by not responding to any commands either by touch or by the physical buttons because of irregularities which may occur in between when you alter the OS of the Android device or while rooting it to the Custom ROM. This state at which the Android phone which turns unresponsive is known as Bricking of Android phone.

Therefore , there are 2 types of bricking; soft brick and other is the hard brick. Soft bricking happens because of some software errors and hard bricking of Android phone is caused because of the hardware mal-functioning.

Data stored on a bricked device may be a real mess specially once the device does not support external sd card and all of your important content is got stored on the internal storage. Accessing the internal storage whereas when a device is bricked can even be handy when you are searching for the way to flash zip files having a custom recovery already installed and you are required to store the files on the sd card for the flashing purposes.

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So, if you have simply soft bricked your Android device, you would be possibly searching for the way to grab your data out of your device which is stored on the internal storage. As during this state, you will not be able to connect your phone to your laptop and access the USB storage mode or the other mode, you may face some trouble, however not any longer once you are here. In the following article we will be going through the remedy to the problem and get your data recovered, the process is a some complex however it is simple to go when you understand it.

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 Here is the process how to recover data from a Soft-Bricked Android Smartphone:

  • Once you have installed a custom recovery on your device, open it using the specific technique for your device. E.g for Samsung you can shut down the device completely, then turn it on again by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power Key and you may be able to access the recovery. These methods vary for various devices.
  • Once in CWM or TWRP Recovery you may notice number of options.
  • For CWM Recovery, choose “Mounts & Storage > Yes”.
  • In Mounts and Storage menu you will notice some more options, from the list choose the “Mount USB Storage or the option depending upon your choice.”.
  • Currently connect your device to your laptop by using the data cable.
  • As soon as you connect your phone to your laptop, the USB Storage or Internal Storage will be open up in folder view.
  • You will be able to copy all of your files to your laptop now.
  • For TWRP Recovery, choose the “Mount > USB Storage”.
  • Now Connect your phone to your laptop and it will be open up the USB or the Internal Storage.
  • Copy your required files.

That’s all! You will be able to simply recover all of your data stored on the internal storage of your Android device.

Author: VTTstaff

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