About $Windows.~BT & $Windows folder on Windows 10 ? How to Delete $Windows.~BT & $Windows folder

While Windows 10 has not major hard drive needs, nor high-end hardware, it’s simply 16GB for 32bit OS and 20 GB for 64 Bit version; however, this entire upgrade method leaves a bit of temporary windows files that eat up a good value of your free space in drive. This folder appeared once Windows 10 up-gradation has begun. There will be 2 folders that are $Windows.~BT, and $Windows.~WS that will be used by windows for upgrading to the Windows 10. But $Windows.~BT is the folder wherever Windows backup your previous OS whether it would be Windows 7 or Windows 8. Don’t touch these folders until the time you upgrade to the Windows 10.

What are $ Windows.~BT and $Windows folder?

The $WINDOWS.~BT folder came from the Windows, or more precisely from a Windows update. It contains the files required to upgrade to the Windows 10. These files will be gradually downloaded over time. The folder has been created sometime around the Windows 10 release. It might have been created before the release date therefore to relieve Microsoft’s servers of the stress of several downloads the day of release.

The folder on my drive was created on and it is almost 6GB. Inside is a Setup EXE file that, if you want to run it, you should initiate the Windows 10 upgrade. Here it is worth mentioning that if you have the KB3035583 update installed, files for upgrading to the Windows 10 will download to your hard drive and this folder will be created. It doesn’t matter if you have reserved a copy or not, or if you have reserved a copy and you are still in the queue for the upgrade, this folder will exist and files will be downloaded to it.

 How to Delete $Windows.~BT and $Windows folder?

Solution 1:

Regarding the deletion of $Windows.~BT or even Windows. old folder, the procedure is very easy:

→Press Windows key + R (when being on desktop)

→ Once “Run” command box appears, type:


→Hit the Enter.

This will open a dialog box of Disk Cleanup. Choose C:\ or the drive where you have these folders.

After Disk cleanup is completed scanning, click on the “Clean Up System files“. Now it will again ask to select the Drive, choose the same drive and click on the “OK“ button.

Now, you will be presented with choices to clean the “Previous Windows Installations“, and “Temporary Windows installations files“. Select the options that will help you gain back an enormous chunk of hard drive space back. Click on the Ok and let it be deleting those in the background.

You will find that “Windows. old” folder is no more, however, chances are that you will still find the $Windows.~BT, and $Windows.~WS folders in your hard drive. Then you are required to follow “Solution 2“.

Solution 2:

If Solution 1 doesn’t help you, then you will need to take complete ownership of $Windows.~BT folder.

→Right click on the $Windows.~BT folder and select Properties.

→Go to Security Tab and select your current user with which you are logged in.

→ Click on the Edit. Again select your current user with which you are logged on your laptop.

→Click on the Check box of “Full Control” and Click on the Apply and on the OK button.

→Again Click on the OK to close last dialogue box. Now you have full ownership of $Windows.~BT folder.

→Now right click on the folder and simply delete the folder.

Microsoft recommends that you to keep this folder, just in case you don’t know what happens wrong with software’s, and you may need to roll back to previous windows. For same reasons, windows. The old folder should not be deleted till you really have a crisis of space on your hard drive.

Author: VTTstaff

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