Automatically Delete Messages in IOS 8 Devices After 30 Days or One year

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Are you an iPhone or iPad Lover? Then here is one simple trick for you guys to make
iPhone usage easy for you. This trick may not be useful to everyone (every iOS user).
For iPhone users who have the habit of conversing with friends in message form can
have some added advantage with this feature.
And the trick is “How to delete messages in Ios devices automatically“.
You guys may think “what is the use of this feature and what’s new in this feature”..Right?
As I have already mentioned for regular messengers this trick will definitely save some
valuable time.There are many unique and special features in Ios which made it a step
ahead other Operating Systems.Of course, like everything in the environment, it too
has some drawbacks. There are some bugs in iOS on which developers are working on.
Let’s get into our topic, i.e. How to auto delete messages in iOS Devices after certain time period.

Only Drawback is this feature is available for Ios 8 and above devices.

Delete Messages in iOS Devices Automatically after Time Limit

Messaging your friends regularly will make your message box full. In such case, this
feature will delete messages in iOS device 8 automatically.

More the number of messages stored on your device, more space will be allocated for them.
Using Device’s precious memory for unwanted or outdated information is not a good thing.
In return the low memory space on your device Will affect the iOS device performance
and of course you can use this memory for storing other important data.
So the best way to recover the iOS device performance is to delete such useless messages from it.

Deleting the messages manually is a time taking process. Instead, go for automatic process
which will delete the old messages in your Ios device.

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Lets see the settings in an ios device to make the old messages, delete after certain time limit.

Go to Settings in your Ios 8 or Above Device.
Click on the Messages option under settings.
See for “Message History“Tab under which you can find “KEEP MESSAGES” Option.
Clicking on “keep messages” will give you three options
a) 30 days b) 1 year c) Forever

IOS users who use the message service excessively can choose 30 days.

(Default Settings in iOS device are keep Messages “For Ever”.)

After selecting keep messages for 30 days option a popup window will open. Just tap on
the delete option.Now you have successfully changed the iOS keep messages settings.

For ios 8 or above devices an inbuilt feature is specially designed to clean the old
messages after certain time limit. You may see this feature in many other devices,
but for ioS users this is of course a brand new feature.We will see more tips
and tricks about is devices in our coming articles. Hope you guys like this simple guide which taught you to
delete the mgs automatically in iOS devices.

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