7 Best & Free Personal Assistant Apps for Android Devices

If you are considering about the mobile assistant apps then Siri is that the name crosses your mind. However, this app is obtainable only on the iOS platform.But the great news is that there are a  variety of apps, just like Siri, that is there for the Android users also.However, with the Siri Apps (read Siri like) for the Android phones, mobile assistance becomes as simple as it is for the iOS users. These apps help you in your day to day tasks such as driving all way down to workplace, calling people on their birthdays and then so many.

A good assistant app is that the one that doesn’t interfere along with your mobile use. You will definitely not need the assistant app that is noisy. Here is the list of some of the  Android assistant apps.

1) Cortana:

Microsoft’s figured that Windows phone requires something, so it came out with Cortana. Among its several features include the ability to call people, send SMS and email, says jokes, take notes, add stuff to the calendar, and more. Again, it is a rough around the edges right now, however, Cortana continues to be higher than most.

2) Dragon Mobile Assistant:

It comes with the essential options, therefore you will expect pretty standard functionality. This one includes one thing referred to as Attentive Mode that permits it to be activated even once the screen is off and locked. That produces Dragon Mobile one of the few that offer this functionality. You can also choose many voices and name your assistant what you would like.

3) Google Now:

Google Now could be the champion of personal assistant apps on the Android. It comes with a ton of options which includes the basics, additionally advanced stuff like anticipating your wants, activation from anyplace, Google Now on Tap, and more. If your device has Google Play Services, you may already have this installed which means you simply have to turn it on. You can also get Google Now Launcher that puts Google Now at the forefront of your device interactions.

4) Indigo Virtual Assistant:

Indigo Virtual Assistant could be a personal assistant app that tries to focus more on personality and the developers encourage you to speak to it like you would a normal person. You can do the basics that include sending SMS and emails, phone calls, navigation, and also the usual stuff. You can also save favorites so you will be able to repeat them later. Thus, errors could occur however otherwise it seems like an enjoyable experience that works very well.

5) Jarvis:

Along with some basics, Jarvis comes with widget support, the ability to set the wallpapers, device controls (turn off Wi-Fi, for instance), reminders, and it is one of the few personal assistant apps that may be used on wearables such as Android Wear. It only supports English for the right way, therefore, be ready for that.

6)  Hound:

This one is completed by SoundHound and it’s really pretty good. The basics are all covered here and include few advanced stuff like a mortgage calculator, integrated Expedia support for the hotel booking. You will even play interactive games such as Hangman.

7) Robin:

Robin was one of the first “Siri challenges” and, as such, as been around for quite some time. It supports the commands like calling and sending SMS and it can even respond to gestures, find out about parking and traffic alerts, gas prices, and more. It still requires some work however it’s a pretty good option and may become a plenty higher over the long term.


Author: VTTstaff

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